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Our Mind Set

House Made

We take the time to create house made ingredients every day, and build amazing pizza, salad, & pasta recipes around those key ingredients.

Unique Recipes

Using our house made ingredients, Revolve brings something new and exciting to wood-fired pizza in Oklahoma City.

Friendly Staff

Our dedicated staff has one, singular goal: provide an outstanding fast-casual dining experience for our customers.

Custom Ovens

Our custom revolving brick ovens provide you a pizza experience unlike any other: high quality meals in just a few minutes.

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Use simple, fresh ingredients. Put out high quality food with absolute consistency.

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Ovens worthy of a namesake

Revolve houses two custom, Italian-built revolving brick ovens. It's the secret that allows us to create fresh wood-fired pizzas so quickly and with such great consistency. If you're having a tough time imagining a "revolving" oven, think literally... A massive pizza stone rotates inside of an extremely hot, wood burning oven creating evenly distributed heat (and perfect pizza).

While our brick ovens are able to cook your pizza design "fast", we are anything but "fast food". Every pizza that enters our oven is created atop completely fresh, made-in-house dough and stacked with fresh ingredients. If your pizza makes it to your table before you do, rest assured - you are getting the real deal.

Fast-casual dining - elevated

Trays of our pasta catered to you in OKC
We Cater
Perfect for your next event.

How about a pasta bar at your next event? Even better, how about a freshly made pasta bar at your next event? Give us a call and we will fill you in on all of the details.

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Wood-fired vegetarian pizza from Revolve Pizza Kitchen
Call in orders
Call it in, pick it up.

We love when you come out to visit us, but we just thought we'd remind you... You can call in your order! Please have a look at our online menu and give us a call. We'll have your fresh pizza, pasta, or salad prepared in short order!

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Keeping it local
Oklahoma Owned & Operated

We are very proudly Oklahoma Owned & Operated. Thank you for supporting local businesses like Revolve Pizza Kitchen. If you'd like to speak to a manager or ownership, please send us an email!

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Trays of our pasta catered to you in OKC
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